Break up without violence

Break up without violence - Here's what you should keep in mind to avoid any sort of bodily harm when ending a long-term relationship

Break up without violence
Break up without violence

- While you may have come to terms with the idea of breaking up with your girlfriend/ boyfriend, they may need some time to get used to the situation. So ensure that there's some privacy when you are breaking up. You wouldn't want to be a part of an ugly scene or fight and be a spectacle for those at the joint.

- Your best buddy may be the person you trust the most, but your soon-to-be ex will definitely not appreciate it, if you ask him/her to stand in for you this time around.

- Unless you have a major grouse against your girlfriend/boyfriend, don't be cruel to him/her. Don't make him/ her feel unwanted on a day when the world is celebrating love.

- Don't break up while you are doing some mundane task like picking up groceries or chomping on a huge burger. Give your relationship and your partner some respect and plan how you want to go ahead with it.

- While this may work for some, it may prove to be hara-kiri for others. Breaking up over SMS or email is highly insensitive. After all 160 characters or a short mail can't be enough to end a relationship.

- Those status message or pictures that you post are seen by so many people. Do you want all of them to be witness to your break up? Also, if your break up is not an amicable one, do you want them to enjoy a mud slinging match between you and your partner?

- Drop subtle hints, and give your partner sometime to get used to the idea that things are not working out in your relationship. So that when you decide to have the 'important' conversation, it doesn't come as a big surprise to him/her.

- Don't go hammer and tongs at your girlfriend/boyfriend when you decide to give that big break up speech. Be practical and tell your partner that this is what you think would be best for you. ( )

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