Rev up your sex life in winters

Rev up your sex life in winters. With the party season on full swing and the winter chill taking a toll on a couple's love life, finding new ways to spark up this lull is of utmost importance.

While it becomes hard for couples to keep up the pace of their sexual interaction, they often blame it on the frosty weather and fatigued minds and bodies as a justification for their 'not-tonight-honey' stand. But experts say blaming winter for poor libido is merely a myth, which couples need to break and enjoy their love life.

Dr. Rajan Bhonsle, an expert on sexual relations advocates, "Winters boost the level of sexual desire in most couples as they feel highly aroused. When partners' touch each other's warm bodies, it hypes up the sexual mood. This is not the case in summers, as bodies are perspiring and you don't feel like coming close too often."

One of the reasons for which couples relinquish their lovemaking time in winters could be attributed to the fact that they find it tough to cope up with the chill and thus find it uncomfortable to undress before slipping between the sheets.

Dr. Bhonsle elucidates, "Individuals usually cover up their bodies in winters to protect themselves from the biting cold. Thus it's not be too comfy to undress at one go. But if you are in the mood for some tenderness, you can always find ways to deal with the cold factor."

Establishing some medical instances, marriage and relationship counselor Dr. Kamal Khurana holds, "Winters are much more effective and relationship friendly. If couples make the most of the season, they can be more productive during sex. Besides, in winters, our digestive power increases as the body requires more carbohydrates. This results in a high intake of calorie-rich foods, like dry fruits, which are great aphrodisiacs making one more energised and attracted towards their partner."

Stating that weather can't play spoil sport in a couple's love life, Dr. Prakash Kothari, a sexologist and advisor for the World Association for Sexual Health reveals, "It's an individual choice that some couples get turned on in summers and others in winter season. Some odd couples may not feel comfortable to have sex in extreme cold, so they feel reluctant to make out, but we can't generalise and blame lack of sex on the weather. In fact, during winters when it's chilly outside, couples get an opportunity to spend more time inside the house and they can ideally spend some cosy moment with each other."

On a slightly different note, Geetanjali Sharma, a relationship counselor shares, "Seasons do affect our mind and body in different ways. Particularly in winters, 20 per cent of couples suffer from SAD – Seasonal Affect Disorder, which reduces their sex drive to a certain limit due to the depressive weather conditions. It's to do with the reduced day light during winters, which brings a change in our hormones and due to this there's a change in our sleep and waking patterns thus affecting our sex life. Also, since the days are shorter in winters, couples try and wind up more work in lesser time and thus feel stressed at the end of the day."

Furthermore, with social gatherings and parties happening frequently, couples tend to be more watchful about their eight hours of sound sleep
and thus end up bargaining on their love-making time. Dealing with the situation, Dr. Khurana opines, "Firstly, couples must understand that sex doesn't require any time scheduling. Just like going out for parties, sexual activity is a basic need; a reflection of one's emotional compatibility. If they go by the formula of not having sex in the party season, then they won't come close to each other for nearly half of the year."

In the cold weather, modern couples still find themselves in a fix to schedule their intimate moments. It's often their work pressure, party hangovers or personal preferences that result in a dull and boring performance in bed. Here are some tips to add a punch to your sex life, during winters...

Here are some tips to pep up your sex life in winters...

Rev up your sex life in winters

Hot food for hot action :
Aphrodisiacs can do the trick during any season, but especially in winters, take special care of what you eat to enhance your sexual prowess. Opt for hot items like soups, grilled fish or dry fruits that can set the mood right for quality sex by adding more warmth to your body.

Build up the right aura :
In summers, you may opt for a spa setting or a chilled shower to evoke your senses. But in winters, let the ambiance be warmer and full of light. While lit-up candles and aroma oils add to the warmth of the room, cosy quilts and soft blankets can do the magic as you slip between the sheets.

Dress to undress :
Since you're already dressed skimpily during summers, there's barely any chance to get creative and play around with your partner's moan zones. The winter season gives you all the reasons to get dressed up as much as you can and then allow your lover to take the privilege to undress you gradually. Just guessing what lies under the layers of warm clothing adds to the curiosity levels and the mood of anticipation.

Set the midnight clock :
Don't have sex just for the sake of it or just because your partner wants it to happen. Communicate that you're tired on a particular night and then plan out another specific time, maybe after midnight, when you can get up half asleep yet fully charged up and enjoy some pleasurable moments with full passion.

A hot shower to freshen up : Whenever you come back tired from a late night party, feeling sleepy, don't let your worn-out souls act as a libido killer. Try something like a hot shower to feel rejuvenated again. Let your partner's tender touch be felt on your body for a while and as you progress towards the bedroom, let romance take over.

No stress, only sex :
Coping with work pressure and coming back home with a pre-occupied mind is a complete recipe for disaster in bed. So, willfully indulge in activities that help in relieving unnecessary anxiety. Laughing, going out, meeting people and remaining connected will make you feel fresh throughout the day and thus you can reserve a night which is full of love and romance.

Comfort with artificial heating :
If your partner is not at ease with the chilly weather and is not in a mood to undress, resort to options like artificial heating devices. With technological advancements, you can even set the room temperature in accordance with your bodies. Or opt for a quickie. It's short, quick and you don't necessarily need to undress.

Foreplay is important :
Foreplay is more exciting than the main act, so get adventurous and indulge in some prolonged foreplay, sans any 'sex'. Get creative in your approach.
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